Cultural differences are important. It creates challenges and impact on interactions and having proper knowledge and understanding of Intellectual Property rights is vital in today’s global market.
At YLC Law Consulting, we aim to forge long-term relationships of mutual respect. We engage in a skillful and artful method of pairing Intellectual Property clients with the most qualified and experienced attorneys at competitive costs. We pride ourselves on our ability to connect high-value services to Chinese clients and partnered attorneys across the globe.

I never thought I couldan be awarded attorney’s fee. s! I was lacking the knowledge about the United States legal terms. YLC not only brought me the pleasantly surprise surprising result, but also educated me lots of knowledgesabout United States Intellectual Property law. I really appreciate the efforts they have done taken for justice.

It was our first time to revived thereceiving a summons, and it happened in the United statesStates, . it It made us so nerves nervous; and don’t knowwe had no idea what to do. We have inquired with several local law firms; and they all have told us that they don’t have the permission to practice law in the Unites States. They said If so, theyUnited States attorneys must collaborate with the local attorney. We decided to contact United States attorneys ourselves., it It was extremely hard for us to choose which attorney to we can hire and trust. At Thenthis time, one of our peers recommended us to Yina Law Consulting (“YLC”). They are very experienced and professional. YLC told us the lawsuit timeline and the options to response. Highly recommended.

-- eBay seller from Hangzhou China

I’m have been doing international ecommerce over 10 years. For me, tthe frontline most challenging part is of ecommerce work is the intellectual property infringement for uslawsuits. So,For that reason, the legal affaireinvolvement is very important to us. We have collaborated with some many law firms, but YLC is the most professional one I ever collaborated with. They have a very professional team to who handled our front documents; that saving us tons of time and money. and their partneredThe partner attorney worked with me on my cases and so far, my cases have been settling on very favorable made the way changed my value my cases are settling on very favorable terms. And I will turn all our international legal affairs to themYLC.

-- Amazon seller from Shenzhen China